CHECK-IT AUSTRALIA Disclaimer Notation

CHECK-IT AUSTRALIA vehicle inspections (Sydney Brisbane & Goldcoast)

encourage proper inspection services and practices at all times.



a)     All CHECK-IT AUSTRALIA cliental engaging in contractual agreement/s being of verbal and/or documented format does so at their own authority and with full knowledge that they accept and understand all CHECK-IT AUSTRALIA conditions that may be applicable to their circumstance.


b)     We encourage vehicle purchasers to thoroughly read and understand all/any contractual loop-holes and/or conditional fine print when agreeing to accept third party vehicle warranty.


c)     All CHECK-IT AUSTRALIA inspections are conducted and carried out with accuracy and highest attention to detail for the purposes of

fault assessment and testing though further conditions of fault and/or damage may remain hidden or unconfirmed without complex

parts removal.


d)     The purchaser of the Check-it Australia report accepts that during the process of an inspection, some faults and/or damage may remain

un assessable or unconfirmed due to engine temperature variation or conditions at the time of inspection and holds all responsibility for

their own actions to purchase that vehicle.


e)     Check-It Australia holds no responsibility or liability for the applicant’s use/misuse of their Check-It Australia report document/s,

nor endorse vehicle suitability.

f)      A basic site arrival / call-out fee of $65.00 will apply to all obstructed inspections due to or as a result of non-access to shelter during rain,

failure of vehicle presence, vehicle removal, retraction of sale or cancellations within (2) hours prior to booking time.


g)     All Check-it Australia vehicle reports shall remain the property of Check-it Australia and not be for commercial, private or litigation use/s or financial gain until complete payment for that report has been finalized and met in total as was set out in the accompanying invoice/s. An additional 6% charge may apply per week if fees are not paid in full within a (7) day period from this dated invoice.


h)     All Check-It Australia customer’s credit card and/or banking details will be destroyed after a 21 day period and will not in any way, shape or form be passed on for sale, financial gain, deception or other to third parties other than the credit card holder’s financial credit authority for valuation purposes unless requested for legal reasons by Australian government law enforcement agencies only.


i)      After the owner/purchaser of the Check-It Australia report has benefited in the way of a positive or negative contract with the seller of that inspected vehicle and/or information regarding vehicle condition/s and circumstances, Check-It Australia holds rights of the report for future business management and/or legal purposes in which Check-It Australia will remain the sole rightful holder and include at any time may destroy the document/s at choice there after without notice to parties involved.


j)      All CIA memberships and gift vouchers are non-transferable or refundable.


k)     CHECK-IT AUSTRALIA vehicle inspections (Sydney, Brisbane & Goldcoast) encourage proper inspection services and practices at all times with the interest of safe ty toward the public and personal property.


l)      CHECK-IT AUSTRALIA may sponsor independent associations and authorities through active membership though Check-it Australia shall not be held responsible or liable for any of those third parties actions if the said parties are found to be negligent in an unlawful way or form.


m)    Due to our technicians’ extensive vehicle body diagnostic abilities and mechanical experience with over 35 years of inspection and testing assessment in the industry…we confidently ensure and guarantee that our inspection and report findings were true and factual at the time of inspection procedure. (refer to CIA page Disclaimer/item. c).


n)     All CHECK-IT AUSTRALIA advertising and digital listings were placed with intention of goodwill at the time of employment and not for intent to be offensive or defamatory in any manner or form as a result regarding the wording, text, spe lling or graphics. In addition all CHECK-IT AUSTRALIA advertising material shall be removed by CHECK-IT AUSTRALIA if found proven to be seen as unfit for public exhibition. In addition CHECK-IT AUSTRALIA shall not be held responsible for any offensive or defamatory view as a result from any third party advertising or live listing on any website purposefully or by accident.

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