Guarantee & Warranty

CHECK-IT AUSTRALIA vehicle inspections (Sydney, Brisbane & Goldcoast)
We encourage proper inspection services and practices at all times.

We may sponsor independent associations
and authorities through active membership and certification, though
Check-it Australia shall not be held responsible or liable for any of
those third parties if the said parties are found to be negligent in an
unlawful way or form.

Our Diagnostic and Assessment
technicians have certifications including Licensing, Insurance &
endorsements by MVRIC.NSW and MTA and offer their experience in the
following certifications…..

  • Craftsman’s certificate of Proficiency (Dept. of Industrial Relations)
  • Vehicle repairer’s license (Dept. of Industrial Relations)
  • Motor Panelbeater Certificate (Motor Vehicle Repair Industry Council)
  • Motor Mechanic Certificate (Motor Vehicle Repair Industry Authority)
  • Motor Vehicle Painter Certificate (Motor Vehicle Repair Industry Authority)
  • Smash Repair Estimation Certificate (TAFE)
  • First Aid Certificate (TAFE)
  • Post graduate diploma in commercial contractual law studies (Syd.Uni)
  • Commercial Civil Aviation Authority related subjects include:-
  • Commercial Basic Astrophysics (aerodynamics)
  • Commercial Basic Gas Turbine (Jet engines)
  • Commercial Engines Systems and Instruments
  • Commercial Performance and Operations

Due to our technicians’ extensive
vehicle body diagnostic abilities and mechanical experience with over 28
years of inspection and assessment in the industry…we ensure and
guarantee that our inspection and report findings were true and factual
at the time of inspection procedure. (refer to CIA page Disclaimer/item d).

As we do recommend all vehicle buyers to
consider warranty from a seller, we strongly encourage those vehicle
purchaser’s to thoroughly read and understand all/any contractual
loop-holes and/or conditional fine print when agreeing to accept third
party vehicle warranty.

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