Pre Purchase Warning

CHECK-IT AUSTRALIA has more vehicle body diagnostic experience than any other facility operating in the Sydney & Brisbane Metropolitan basin NSW & QLD.

Sydney & East Coast of Oz are currently a hot spots for the sale of repairable write – off vehicles from interstate auctions.

In 1999 and 2001 Sydney experienced two major hail storms which damaged two thirds of the local vehicles at that time. Even the brand new cars sitting on the shipping docks waiting for their first loving owners.

And don’t forget in the Northern NSW & QLD floods of recently, most those flood damaged insurance claimed vehicles are resold through auction houses to end up on the streets again.

CIA inspections found one in every four legally registered cars on the road have on average at least one wheel bearing loose.

Some insurance companies are forcing their repairers to use non-genuine parts as to cut repair costs. Inevitably reducing the safety and value of the vehicle. You’d never know without a CIA report.

Often an online REVS check won’t declare the facts and your new pride and joy will be purchased with pending incomplete or dangerous repairs. Then again some CIA Inspected vehicles are so well repaired that the repairer has produced a piece of art as a result.

Commonly, repairers identify a previous bad repair and an identical or same poor effort will be conducted again. A car with good repairs usually receives the same treatment next time also.

Engine compression tests are a false sense of invalid security to the vehicle purchaser and rarely are they compared to original factory compression test results by an inspector. Additionally, engine compression can increase in either cylinder as a result of excessive carbon deposits from spark plug failure over time and falsely indicating that the other cylinders are worn.

Don’t sarifice your safety or your family’s on those non-structural vehicle reports the other facilities offer. You deserve the best comprehensive inspection…..and only the kind of inspection and assessment conducted by a Check-It Australia diagnostic technician can honestly determine the true factual condition of the vehicle and how it was previously treated.

Make sure you Check-It Australia – “You’ll be glad WE did!”

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