Vehicle Conditions

Often the following CIA diagnostic vehicle inspection conditions can be terrifying, costly, and dangerous to a new vehicle buyer when found after the sales transaction is complete.
  1. Engine – Excessive bearing noises, Oil leaks, Power loss, Smokey, Valve leak, Over-heat, Oil over fill, Mis-fire.
  2. Gearbox – Excessive noises, Bearing wear, Oil leak, Poor service performance.
  3. Drive-line – CV joint wear, Universal joint wear, Diff oil leak, clutch wear, Gear slop.
    Steering – Excessive slop.
  4. Ball joint leak/wear, Steer rack oil leak, Poor response, Mis-alignment.
  5. Suspension – Rattles, Shock absorber leaks, Excess body roll, Broken components.
  6. Wheels – Loose bearings, damaged rims, Punctured tyres, Bald/Un-even wear, Unmatched.
  7. Brakes – Excessive rotor wear, Worn pads/shoes, Leaking oil, Spongey pedal, Performance failure.
  8. Interior – Chipped windscreen glass, Damaged seat guides, Mis-aligned fittings, worn cloth, Steer wheel grip loose.
  9. Electrical – Computer failure, Accident damaged/burnt, Wiring loom tampering, Air-con failures, Airbag absence, Central locking failure, Window regulator failure.


Your CIA diagnostic factual report will confirm any of the following vehicle neglect &/or post accident results.
Conditions commonly missed by a standard mechanical inspector.

  • Panel damage – Fractures, rust, dents, misaligned (locks/doors/bonnet/boot lid/tailgate) apertures or cut ‘n’ shut.
  • Chassis – Misaligned chassis height, chassis sway bent, chassis diamond bent, chassis banana bent.
  • Paint – Drip check missing/water leaks, paint solvent boil, paint siliconosis, excessive orange peel, paint sinkbacks etc.

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